This is a free ‘optional’ module that has been provided to allow students of The SIP School to get some ‘real’ experience of working with a SIP trunk configuration in order to test if it can cope with the demands that is required of it by a business.  Although it is ‘optional’ it really does compliment and re-enforce what has been learned in other modules of this course.  It IS NOT part of the SSCA® certification test, hence it’s ‘optional’ status.


Planning Steps

  • Servers and Operation
  • Do you have BYOB or OTT?
  • Your ISP and ITSP – do they support QoS?
  • What is a good time to run assessment tests
  • Assess the components and configuration of your WAN
  • Set up the WAN assessment network

The Assessment System

  • Logging onto the Assessment system
  • VoIP Assessment items
    • SIP Call flows
    • Call Metrics
    • Jitter
    • Lost Packets
    • MOS estimates
    • Traffic Flows
    • Reporting
  • Starting a test
    • Test types
    • Codec selection
    • Number of trunks
    • Number of calls
    • Assessment period
    • Traceroute test?
    • ToS and QoS requirements
  • Analyzing a test 
    • Call Metrics
      • Lost Packets
      • Jitter
      • Types of traffic flow i.e. UDP / TCP, Real Time etc.
      • MOS results
  • Generating Reports
  • Analyzing Reports
    • Analyzing MOS
    • Analyzing Jitter / Delay / Packet Loss
    • Router RTT responses
    • How to spot problems in the network from the report
  • Advice on how to configure a WAN network